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Главная » 2007 » Июнь » 29 » Xonada nechta lampochka bor ?
Xonada nechta lampochka bor ?
Imtixonda hamma imtihonni topshirib bo`lgach,eng oxirgi qatorda bir sodda bola o`ylanib otiribdi,shunda domla uni oldiga chaqirib:Men senga fandan savol bersam baribir bilmaysan,kel senga osonroq savol beraman.Xonada nechta lampochka bor?,bola o`ylanib o`tirganda tepaga qarab lampochkalarni sanab qo`ygan ekan,darhol javob beribdi:8ta domla.Domla shunda e sodda bola 8ta emas 9ta mana 1tasi meni cho`ntagimda deb bolani imtixondan yiqitib yuboribdi.Keyingi imtixonda ham o`sha axvol yana domla bolani oldiga chaqirib e seni tanidim yana senga o`sha savol xonada nechta lampochka bor?,bola darxol 9ta domla deb javob beribdi.Shunda domla e sodda bola bu gal meni cho`ntagimda lampochka yo`q edi deganda bola:zato menikida bor domla deb javob bergan ekan

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